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Latest Post in 2214 Technical Information and Timeline Discussion:

I've been reviewing the timeline of events in 2214's historical timeline and working out some details. One of the things I failed to flesh out properly was the length of the Morgan's Gate migration once it started.

Please feel free to discuss and correct my math if I've goofed up somewhere. Since starting the Visual Novel, I'm revisiting some of the story details and refining the writing where appropriate.


The distance from Earth to the Pleiades (estimated) is about 444 light years. The distance to Kaperth is 442.8 light years. (4428 is 2214 x 2. 442.8 is 2214 / 5. What. I LIKE NUMBERS)(edited)

The Morgan's Gate is NOT a FTL-capable migration ship but the V-CORE project is supposed to create a wormhole during the trip.

Since the comic never shows the events that transpire during the actual migration (due to the time leap between Chapters 1 and 2)... the actual duration of the migration was never specified.

In short, I was lazy and never worked it out.

So, in regard to the timeline, the years specified cannot possibly be in C.E. / A.D.

Sooooooooo I figure the Morgan's Gate, with the aid of the V-CORE, effectively makes the trip averaging about 1/10 the speed of light, or 4428 years.

Therefore, Ravenna leaps forward in time 6642 years and Kaperth's calendar year system was reset in 2642 AD.

That's 428 years into the migration (or since Ravenna disappeared) which I guess is an interesting coincidence

Or I'm bad a math.

73's, KD8FUD

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