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# 9946 3 years ago on Mon, Jan 11 2016 at 8:32 pm

In the spirit of those mysterious sounds you hear on shortwave radio late at night (like numbers stations, morse code, etc.), I created a sub-site quite some time ago where you can experimentally generate audio-encoded sound clips of text and numbers:

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It's not exactly the most practical thing in the world but it's kind of fun to play with it. Then again, maybe I'm just being a huge ham radio nerd.

In addition to that, this collection of audio files is automatically generated from the same backend library as the above link:

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It's just as nonsensical in terms of purpose. Eventually I'm going to do something interesting with encoding small amounts of data from somewhere in these files.

73's, KD8FUD

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# 12472 3 years ago on Tue, Feb 9 2016 at 5:24 pm

This can be interesting to play around with.

The AFSK isn't decoding right but I think you mentioned that part wasn't done before.

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