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2214 Visual Novel!
After the latest scene, I can only think of one thing: I want that air scooter. ...
2 days ago on Saturday, Sep 22 2018 12:11 am
DUDE. My wife and I started watching this series. Definitely one of the better ones we've seen recently. Normally I'm not too hot about "characters have supernatural powers therefore fighting bad guys" because it's so cliche but damn if this one does...
1 week ago on Saturday, Sep 15 2018 1:13 am
High Guardian Spice
Didn't mean to come off as preachy there. I just meant it's nothing to get riled up about. Locking this thread per my better judgement, hope that's cool ...
1 week ago on Saturday, Sep 15 2018 1:11 am
2214 Visual Novel!
UPDATE: I'm finally all caught up on the visual novel so far. Noticed some deviations from the web comic already, not that I dislike it. I think, in this format, we get a much better sense of what life is like in the setting. It's a lot darker than ...
2 weeks ago on Sunday, Sep 9 2018 3:55 pm
High Guardian Spice
On Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 9:57 pm, Miroku said: Finally decided to unlock the thread and let me respond. Good. I'm just sick of incels and MGTOWS attacking anything and everything made or led by women online. It's everywhere. Anime and ma...
2 weeks ago on Sunday, Sep 9 2018 3:52 pm
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