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Total Solar Eclipse 8-21-2017
It's probably nothing but you can't help but think it might be a little spooky if there's a big, obvious earthquake and then nobody ever talks about it again. You sure you weren't dreaming? ...
12 months ago on Monday, Dec 4 2017 11:04 am
Forums pulse check
Hai again and oooh new comics! ...
12 months ago on Monday, Dec 4 2017 11:03 am
I heard it's worth watching. I liked Clannad pretty well, especially After Story. ...
1 year ago on Monday, Sep 25 2017 11:10 am
Princess Spamcan
Normally spamming is discouraged but it's okay if it's pictures of actual spam. Maybe she's listening to Weird Al's song about Spam from a long time ago. Ancient spam songs, a great part of our heritage. ...
1 year ago on Thursday, Aug 31 2017 3:24 pm
Oekaki Thread #1
A crack and peel eel? Do I want to know what that is? I played around with the draw tool but what I made didn't come out so good so I didn't bother saving. Maybe another try later on. ...
1 year ago on Thursday, Aug 31 2017 3:23 pm
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