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On his way home, Duncan wanted to see if his adept abilities had returned as others had reported.

Once the train arrived at his stop, Duncan walked away from the station to a secluded alleyway and tried to energize his electrical burst attack. As he predicted, arcs of electricity shot from his fingers. It's stronger than before, he thought. Whatever is happening may not merely revive this phenomenon but may well increase it.

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As they left the observatory, Camay and Jax looked for hotels on their maps.

"We are going to need to find somewhere to stay while we're on Earth," said Camay.

Shell gestured toward one of the transport rails. "Just stay at my place," said Shell. "Androids don't eat and you can sleep just about anywhere, right? I have space."

Camay nodded. "I appreciate that. I'll make sure you're compensated for the use of your space and utilities," she said. "It shouldn't be for that long, we're just going to do some investigating while we're around here."

With that, the three of them headed back to Shell's apartment.

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After Camay, Shell, and Jax arrived at Shell's apartment, Shell gave them the grand tour and Jax sat down on the sofa.

"Thanks for letting us stay here," said Jax.

Jax turned on the television monitor, which was already set to the news channel:

"And now, we have confirmation that adepts have experienced a rapid increase in their abilities. Some have been rushed to hospitals after losing control of their power and injuring themselves. Joining us is Lieutenant Renk, a veteran of the military."

Renk appeared on screen in the newsroom with the reporter.

"It's Renk!" said Shell.

"Thanks for having me on," said Renk. "We've noticed a radical increase in the intensity of our abilities. The exact nature of my own ability is classified but I can tell you that while attempting to use it in a drill yesterday, my vital signs disappeared briefly and they had to rush me to the infirmary."

The reporter looked back at the camera. "Chilling. We still have no new information as to the possible cause of this situation."

Jax looked over at Camay.

"It looks like they don't have any knowledge that we don't already have," said Jax. "I'll have to step up my game first thing in the morning and hit the streets. I know of some places where adepts frequent."


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