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Jess arranged for a Crest Corporation shuttle to take everyone back to Earth from the colony.

As Duncan took his seat on the shuttle, he leaned over toward Atlas.

"I tell ya," said Duncan, "It's gotta be nice having access to such comfortable space travel."

Atlas laughed. "It's nice when there's time to enjoy it," he replied. "Maybe I can talk Jess into coming back here on our next vacation. If you're interested, maybe we could have all you guys come up here with us again," he replied.

"I may have to take you up on that, Atlas," said Duncan. "This is a nice place to visit. I'd like to come here under more peaceful circumstances some time."

Duncan strapped himself in as the shuttle's engines started up. The shuttle left the colony and made the journey back to Earth.

At the space dock in City N, the shuttle landed. As everyone was parting ways, Renk waved goodbye.

"Velvet Room next Sunday evening! See you there if you're interested," said Renk, as he headed toward the transport rail tube station.

"Let's make it a weekly thing," replied Atlas. He and Jess walked over to a flying car, driven by Jess's butler Randall, who had been waiting for them. "Sunday evening it is," replied Jess. "We have to keep Elise busy, after all!"

Shell started to head back in the direction of her apartment. "See you tomorrow morning at the doughnut shop," said Shell.

Duncan looked around. City N was its usual, bustling self; a metropolis filled with many different kinds of people. He boarded a transport and headed home, watching the sun set as the buildings raced by the train windows.

Just out of curiosity, Duncan tried to manifest his electro-ether power but confirmed that it was no longer available. He grinned and realized that it was a good sign. Duncan would be busy that night doing his routine network security odd jobs and independent research.

Loading up some music files on his cybernetic ear implants, Duncan listened to a symphony on his way home. All is well, Rosetta, he thought to himself as the symphony played.


73's, KD8FUD

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