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# 16183 2 months ago on Fri, Dec 3 2021 at 4:16 am

Although the vaccines seem to be mostly harmless in terms of side effects for most people, their efficacy seems questionable now due to the large amount of breakthrough cases. The death rate from COVID has flattened but the cases seem to have a seasonal spike even with high vaccination rates.

The mandates and their enforcement have become VERY draconian, especially in Austria, Australia, and Germany. Governments are really cracking down on the unvaccinated. I really don't like how authoritarianism runs rampant in this pandemic, especially since the vaccines don't seem to stop the spread very well anymore. I get this vibe that governments are using the pandemic as an excuse to do things they otherwise couldn't justify.

The Omicron variant seems to have really mild symptoms and, unless I'm overlooking something important, this variant might be a type of vaccine in and of itself if it spreads as quickly as reported.

I received a booster last week. So far, so good. Since I don't have any conditions that would make the shots particularly risky, I opted to get it. My job doesn't require me to take it; it was purely my own choice.

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# 16184 2 months ago on Fri, Dec 3 2021 at 5:23 am

I should add (or brief you, maybe) in the following about the situation here.

As of yesterday, Germany has the second-highest number of daily new infections in the world. It also has the sixth-highest number of new daily deaths. It's really bad. The fourth wave is decidedly a lot worse than the previous ones. The situation is particularly bad in Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. There's certainly triage* happening, non-essential surgeries have been postponed, and ICU patients are being lifted to other states. Why is it particularly bad there? I see several factors. One surely is because the vaccination rate is particularly low: only 58% of Saxony are fully vaccinated as of today, and only 60% have received one shot. In so far, yes, the death rate has flattened but this is still off/skewed by the fact that we still have so many unvaccinated people here.

As for the enforcement being draconian now, the government here is left with little choice. It's mindboggling that the FDP (Germany's Libertarian party that is part of new government coalition) said they don't like the idea of mandatory vaccines, but they don't see how it's avoidable at this point. I am worried that there will be another lockdown around Christmas.

*I should add this: nobody is talking about the "secret" triage, that is for example accident patients dying, because they don't get an ICU bed, or cancer patients who's potentially life-saving surgery gets post-poned.

There's also the issue that a lot of the medical personnel at this point, after one and a half years, is utterly exhausted themselves.

# 16185 2 months ago on Fri, Dec 3 2021 at 9:34 pm

I'm still against the idea of forcing vaccines on anybody but we're way past that now. "Oh we have no other choice" - bulls*** considering how often vaccinated people are catching it. The vaccines are NOT preventing transmission.

Australia is putting people in f***ing concentration camps. Other countries are planning door-to-door forced vaccinations. How much further does this need to go before everyone realizes this is about expanding government power?

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# 16187 1 month ago on Wed, Dec 8 2021 at 9:32 am

Huh. Well, Australia's gone off the deep end from what I see. To what extent things are "mandatory" makes a big difference. If you have a job where you have to be around other people in close proximity - assuming the vaccines still do something to prevent transmission - it makes sense. Like I mentioned before, my job required me to take it and so does my wife's job for her. We're doing okay now.

Likewise for schools. Being in close proximity, there's a greater chance of spread. Anything to minimize that is probably a good idea (within reason). If kids have to be in plastic bubbles, maybe it's better to still do remote. Schools have required shots since forever so it's nothing new to require covid shots.

I'm going out on a limb and saying that "no other choice" sounds a little... uh, dangerous when justifying things. Wherever the line might be differs between individuals but I think there has to be a line where people are comfortable saying, "that's too far". Again, depends on each person's view of where that boundary should be but I think it's important to have that boundary.

If the government puts healthy people in quarantine camps or locks people in their houses without exemptions for necessary activities (like getting food), I think the "no other choice" rationale falls apart.

Having said that, I still think, for most people, it's a big mistake to refuse the vaccinations. If you have a medical reason, though, it makes sense.

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# 16189 4 weeks ago on Thu, Dec 23 2021 at 11:35 pm

On Friday, December 3rd, 2021 at 10:23 am, Doitsujin said:

I am worried that there will be another lockdown around Christmas.

That is a correct prediction. Several countries as well as cities in the U.S. are doing exactly that right now.

Watch out for increasingly confusing messaging in official media.

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