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Thread necromancy, but some friends and I have definitely had fun messing with Stellaris over the years. ...
3 months ago on Thursday, Aug 5 2021 6:36 pm
2214 visual novel chapter 4
What kind of 3D modeling? Also, I really need to catch up on the VN project. Pretty sure I basically haven't read it at all, yet. ...
3 months ago on Thursday, Aug 5 2021 6:35 pm
Covid Vaccine Requirements
On the past year disrupting things, I could say a lot about how it's messed with college stuff, as I've been a TA the whole time. I'm not sure i should, but I'll see if I can put something together that isn't too much of a rant. What I'll say is everyon...
3 months ago on Thursday, Aug 5 2021 6:34 pm
Covid Vaccine Requirements
As far as the vaccine itself goes, I feel like we can all agree that regardless of the personal choices we've made, we are knowingly taking a risk. We can't really know the outcome of it either. So yeah. If you haven't been vaccinated, your skepticism ...
3 months ago on Thursday, Aug 5 2021 4:25 pm
Covid Vaccine Requirements
I'm not going to weigh in too much one way or the other, but it hit me that it might be worth mentioning this. A lot of the childhood vaccinations (MMR, DPT, etc.) are required/mandated one way or another, aren't they? In a sort of "your child cannot go...
3 months ago on Wednesday, Aug 4 2021 4:18 pm
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