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Latest Post in Chilling Effects:

On Friday, October 28th, 2022 at 1:58 am, Miroku said:

let me just say that a couple of members of my family are very sick right now and we all listened to our officials for guidance over the past two years. Sorry I can't go into detail not only for privacy reasons but also the sensitive nature of the subject matter. Initially things went well and I was confident we were all doing the right things not only for ourselves but for the greater good. Then my husband almost died of a heart attack. Then my oldest child had some complications.

I'm very sorry to hear that you and your family experienced this. While we've been lucky over here, I do know someone who had a rough time with one of the boosters but they did recover.

It's a hard topic to discuss. I do acknowledge that there have been problems with the response to the situation and certainly some overreaches happened.

On Friday, June 24th, 2022 at 6:42 am, bates said:

Slightly, off-topic, but has anyone seen the thing about raising the level of threat of monkeypox by Friday? All I can say is feels like February 2020 right about now.

This isn't talked about much anymore, is it? It might become a problem again later on if it mutates and becomes more transmissible.

Something else: PayPal supposedly added back their "disinformation" clause although, looking at their TOS, I don't see where it was added.

"Dangerous toys are fun, but you could get hurt!"

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