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Latest Post in Covid Vaccine Requirements:

On Monday, August 23rd, 2021 at 9:28 pm, Miroku said:

On Monday, August 23rd, 2021 at 1:27 pm, Nitrocosm said:

So, in my opinion, a lot of the mandates and heavy-handed enforcement measures are either a result of a totally blind panic by the authorities or it's about raw power. I would not go so far as to suggest that this whole situation was caused for this purpose but there is a long history of tyrants exploiting any crisis to gain additional power.

Oh, no, not you too, Nitro. undecided More of this conspiracy theory about how the pandemic is all about government wanting more power. Honestly I thought you were above that.

If we can get booster shots or just better vaccines overall, once they demonstrate better efficacy then maybe the requirements would make more sense.

We have to work with what we have. Everything you suggested here is a good idea but the requirements make sense as things are right now.

One last thing: If the quarantine camps are really implemented, it would be foolish to ignore the historical parallels regardless of their justification.

Come on. Governments are not trying to re-create Nazi Germany (which is what it sounds like you're implying). The quarantine centers are to isolate the infected in order to prevent the spread of the virus and save lives. It's not a plan to round everyone up and kill them, just to protect the vulnerable population by isolating people who will spread the virus and kill others.

I'll probably get in trouble or labeled as a whacko for saying all of this but, honestly, at this point I just needed to speak my mind on the matter.

At the risk of getting myself in trouble, just consider asking yourself if the shoe fits, wear it? Just kidding (sort of) but maybe you've been getting your news from the wrong people.

I understand where you're coming from, but here's something to consider:

There have always been fringe groups of conspiracy theorists and the like. I truly never found my opinions or beliefs to align with "conspiracy" until the Covid situation began. I think it's worth considering how many people that weren't "conspiracy theorists" (using the quotations because I don't think it's always the fairest label, but the term is used a lot so it's a good reference point) before, like me, are wary of the vaccination situation. I was fine with the mask and distancing (though obviously one day hope we don't have to!); I was pretty strongly against lockdowns and school closures, but that's just me and I of course have a different perspective than you and you have a different one than me.

That rambling paragraph is basically to say that if there are suddenly so many people falling on the "conspiracy" side, maybe there's some truth to it? I definitely don't want to compare the current situation to Nazi Germany or the like so far, but that was initiated with by spreading fear of the Jewish people as carriers of disease. Of course, this doesn't perfectly align with that by any means because one can't choose to be Jewish but anyone could theoretically get vaccinated. So, yes, any discrimination that does happen regarding the vaccination (and I want to again convey that I'm not saying anything near it has happened by any means) is absolutely a different type of discrimination than what happened in Germany. HOWEVER, can we all agree that we don't want any kind of discrimination to happen - and that allowing this may lead to other things being accepted.

A lot of things that I never thought would happen have happened in the past 12 months and that freaks me out a bit. I've believed from the start that Focused Protection is the way to go. Take safety measures where possible but not to the point that it begins to cause damage in other directions. For instance, the school district I go to saw a steep drop across all subjects after a year of remote learning. Cancer patients died when they couldn't get checked up on because hospitals were reserved for Covid patients. Child abuse went undetected more because parents had their kids at home all the time. Things like that worry me. I'll be honest, it also somewhat worries me when people justify all of this by saying "Well, it prevents Covid from spreading.". Of course we want that, but I personally believe it can not happen at all costs.

There are absolutely poor news sources regarding Covid (let's just say there are two extremes we should all avoid wink). The news gives you facts, but it largely avoids presenting the facts that go against the fear narrative (fear sells). Yes there are some wacko Facebook, Instagram and webpages that have some dangerous misinformation about Covid, and I believe these unfortunately undermine the truth as people believe everything not spot-on with the news narrative is "misinformation". I'm not a big researcher, but I've spent a lot of time this past year researching straight from the CDC data and peer-reviewed studies and there are some things there that much of the media has purposely skipped.

Hopefully this response wasn't too crazy and Nitro is okay with it for this website, but my point is that if so much of the population is wary of the current narrative, maybe there's a fair reason to be. Also, not all information is misinformation.

Have a happy New Year!

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